The Tracking Weekend.

Yesterday I got back on the wagon started tracking. I hope I can do it all this week. I have no idea why staying at home is harder for me to track then when I was at school.

My breakfast yesterday was great and I stayed under 10 points. I am really not sure how many points you should have for each meal, but I guess that changes depending on what you eat. Drank tons of water.

Lunch was simple. I ate left over tilipia. It was so good. I made it the night before and have realized that from now on I will buy tilipia from the meat counter. The tilipia was just awesome and it was like a fish steak.

Dinner was left over tilipia again. I refuse to waste food. I made my husband bratwurst and saurkraut. It smelled so good, but I kept to my tilipia. The tilipia was still great. I also made caprese salad. It was super yummy. I will have one or two today for lunch and snack. They are three points.

Now Donovan and I decided to watch Fairly Odd Parents. He wanted to eat some popcorn. I said ok. I was fine just sitting and watching television. However Donovan would not have it. I shared popcorn with him. That put me over my points by 1.


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