Another day of WW

Today was an off day. I missed breakfast so I was starving. I had a cobb salad, but didn't realize how many WW points are involved with this salad. I won't do that again.

I need to make sure that I continue to find more WW recipes. I am just tired of the same ole same ole.

Not too much to say today.

Quote: Determination today leads to success tomorrow!

Tuesday Temptation

Oh my word. Temptation is the word of the day. Breakfast was fine this morning. I had my usually sandwich round, Queso Fresca Chipolte cheese, turkey bacon, and egg. It was yummy. I was fine. I love the Queso Fresca Chipolte Laughing Cow Cheese. I would definitely recommend this to everyone. Just one WW point plus.

I was able to do Couch to 5K. I did not get to do this outside like I wanted to. I decided to do the workout on the treadmill. I had to take Donovan with me. Let me tell you he was great in the weightroom. He did what I asked. I was so proud of him not getting into any trouble with the weights. Now on my last section of the run I pushed it to 5 mph. I was able to do it. I was tired as anything when I finished, but I did it.

Now the temptation part. I told Donovan if he behaved as I was working out that I would take him to McDonalds. Now when I got there I was wanting a Frappe. However, I did not cave in. Now like an idiot I thought I would have a snack wrap grilled chicken. Big mistake. They were 7 stinkin points. Oh my word. To make matters worse is that I had two. So I had 14 points. I was about to cry. However, I worked out and I was able to use my activity points towards the swap. Oh well.

Dinner was another problem. I didn't cook. I had Buitoni Butternut Squash Ravoli with Brown Butter Sage Sauce. It was was good, but it was 13 stinkin points. It was absolutely horrible. I can't believe I didn't do the points before I ate. Oh well.

Tomorrow is a new day and I am ready to hit the ground running.

Quote of the night:
If you didn't need a pill to get fat, why would you need one to get unfat?

Zumba Night

Where to begin about weight? Trying to lose weight is a pain in my butt right now. I don't even know why. I mean I love the healthy eating I am doing. It has been great. I have definitely changed my eating habits. I mean I have cut out the amount of diet cokes I have in a day. I have cut out eating salt and vinegar chips. I have traded them in apples, squash, grapes, cucumbers,etc. I love the food. It makes me cook more and really realize what I am putting in my body.

Tracking points plus has been more difficult for me since school let out. I had no problem at school, and I am not sure why. I mean what exactly is the difference. My weight is up 2 pounds or down 2 pounds. It is usually the same exact pounds. So I haven't been below 148. However, I know I will get there. I just have to do other things.

I am trying new recipes from the WW cookbook. I have enjoyed the ones I have tried. Then I have experimented with creating new things. Not sure if I should do that but I will try. I am wanting to be the next Master Chef. LOL.

Zumba was great tonight. I did a great job at sweating. I need to look into getting some new shoes. I think I might have tweaked my knee a little. I feel like 40 is setting in. The only thing I disliked about the workout is that being that time of the month makes it miserable. I would love to do Zumba more, but just do not have the babysitter for it. That is ok. I will figure out something in my exercise routine.

Quote of the night:
Success is not a race, be patient.
Success leads to success.
Success is always a work in progress.
Success doesn't come to you--you go to it.
Success is a journey, not a destination. Focus on the process.
Some people dream about success... while others wake up and work hard at it.
Success is achieved and maintained by those who try-and keep trying.
Everyday is a good day to SUCCEED!
If at first you don't succeed-try, try again

Yucky Day

Today actually started out great. I got up and made whole wheat french toast. It was awesome. I need to get the light syrup, but that is ok. The whole wheat was awesome. I just found out that I could of used all the batter and froze my french toast. I will definitely do that next time.

We went to church. Donovan and I picked up Tiffaney and the kids. The service was great. I was sad to hear about Samantha having a miscarriage. I will have to keep her in my prayers. The lesson today was given by Lance and it was great. It was just what I needed.

Donovan and I didn't do much today. He played as usually. I need to find things to do with him. He loves to do things. We played his Cars Tire game. It was great. We enjoyed it. However he does get frustrated. I love my Bubba.

I did go to Walgreens today and had a great coupon day. My receipt says I had a 11.88 cents in Walgreens ad savings and then 9.00 in coupons. If I didn't buy the extra stuff I needed, I would of only spent 7.88 cents. My coupon savings included 4 pks of bikini razors, toothpaste, stayfree pads, and Bayer asprin with a 2.00 rebate. Loved it. I just love couponging. I will have to start putting my savings into our Disney Account for next year. So the 20.88 cents I saved needs to go into our savings account. I will do that in a bit.

I made a great dinner. Fig glazed chicken breast, and a penne pasta with cherry tomatoes, sautee zuchinni, saute bell pepper with parmesan cheese. Yummy.

I did the couch to 5K tonight, but a little differently. Because I forgot to do it today due to not feeling well, I did it inside the house. I know it was not the same, but I did do some type of workout.

Tomorrow is a new day and I can't wait to see what it has for Donovan and I. I do know I need to do some reading. I haven't read in a few days.

Now my quote of the day...The best way to prepare for life is to begin to live.
Elbert Hubbard


The Tracking Weekend.

Yesterday I got back on the wagon started tracking. I hope I can do it all this week. I have no idea why staying at home is harder for me to track then when I was at school.

My breakfast yesterday was great and I stayed under 10 points. I am really not sure how many points you should have for each meal, but I guess that changes depending on what you eat. Drank tons of water.

Lunch was simple. I ate left over tilipia. It was so good. I made it the night before and have realized that from now on I will buy tilipia from the meat counter. The tilipia was just awesome and it was like a fish steak.

Dinner was left over tilipia again. I refuse to waste food. I made my husband bratwurst and saurkraut. It smelled so good, but I kept to my tilipia. The tilipia was still great. I also made caprese salad. It was super yummy. I will have one or two today for lunch and snack. They are three points.

Now Donovan and I decided to watch Fairly Odd Parents. He wanted to eat some popcorn. I said ok. I was fine just sitting and watching television. However Donovan would not have it. I shared popcorn with him. That put me over my points by 1.

WW and the Summer

I am doing fine on WW. I am not gaining weight really, but not losing. I am happy to be under 150. I have decided to go back to Zumba. I realized that I miss an outlet for frustration, and Zumba is it. I am deciding on joining a club. I might join LA Fitness and make it my anniversary present.

I have also decided that by the time I go back to school for the fall I will have gotten myself to at least 130. If I do that I will definitely reward myself. I think with a day spa treatment.

Weigh in...Yeah

Today was the big weigh in day. I was not sure about what the scale would say, but was hopefully. I know I have stayed within my points this week. I had a feeling that I lost at least a pound. However, when I was on the scale and heard that it was 3.2, I was ecstatic. I am so glad that I didn't give up hope on losing. I lost another 5 pounds to make it 15.8. I am only 1.4 pounds from 10% of my body weight. I won't get my hopes up on the 10%. I will be happy with any loss. If it takes two weeks for the 10% then be it, but I am going to be positive.

I have notice that taking the vitamins have really helped me out. I feel good when I take them. I think my body is readjusting to this. Now my next goal is to fit in more a physical workout. Right now with Tball, I think I can get some activity points there. I need to find something else. I really want to go back to Zumba. I think I will start back in a few weeks. I just need to see what my schedule is and how to fit it in.

I haven't measured myself with the tape measure yet. I will do that in the morning. I know I will see inches dwindling. I guess now I need to work on toning. My stomach is begging for it, but my mind is saying in a few minutes. Too bad a few minutes ends up being a lengthy vacation.

My goal this week is to stay positive and not stress.

Weigh In Tomorrow

I am hoping for a loss. I am a little scared. I am hoping to see my weight in the
140's. I have worked out a little more differently. I practiced with Donovan's T ball team yesterday. The only reason being is that I am the coach. I felt old and worn out after being those lovely 4 year olds. It was so much fun.

I am going to do a little workout tonight. Wish me luck and I will post my loss tomorrow.

The Week Ahead

I am finding myself tired all the time, and not sure if it is getting back in the groove or something else. I love Weight Watchers and the support group. I am just curious what would happen if I had no support group. Would I be motivated.

I seem to be asking myself what is this all worth. What is my purpose for losing weight. Is it because I really want to so I can get healthy? Did I jump on the bandwagon? Actually the last thing I would like to do. I want to do things because I want to and no one has a say in my weight loss and I am satisfied with my choice.

I had a slice of pizza tonight for dinner. I actually had to make myself eat but that was quick. It was 8 points. I have two points left. I am not sure if I will use them. Even after I ate the pizza I feel like yuck. It was not even good. What was I thinking?

I feel like I am just overly exhausted and just ready for a break from work, and just the daily grind of worrying about TAKS. I am thinking this week I may not have a loss, but I am starting to think it has to do with stress. I would love to have a vacation that the word work, and TAKS were not mention. Who knows maybe I can find that serenity soon.

Spring Break...Glad it is Over

Well I had my weigh in today. Not too hot. I gained 1.8 pounds. I really wasn't shocked knowing that at the beginning of the week I did not do too hot. However, I am shock that it was that much of a gain. I was doing a lot of walking and I did kickboxing from Fit TV twice.

Now that the scale day is over, I can go an concentrate on my week. My goal is to stay firm on my points. I know that won't be too hard going back to work. I am not sure why but it will be. I guess I was out of my routine. I think that is something I am unable to adjust to. I guess I need to figure out a way to deal with adjustments when the summer comes.

One positive thing is I have changed my vitamins. I have moved from the regular ones to gummie ones. I feel like a wimp, but I need to get some form of vitamin in my diet. That is one of the thing WW has on their daily intake tracker.

The second positive thing is I have done two recipes from WW. I loved the strawberry swirl, and loved the garlic lemon scallops. They were great. I am so glad Meredith posted that. I am not sure I would of found that or cook scallops.

My goals this week will be to take a vitamin, and double up on water. I think TOM is coming for a visit and that makes me panic. Another thing I need to work on is getting enough sleep. I am going to try to get to bed no later than 10:30. I will have to see how that works. Wish me luck.

I know I will have a terrific week and hope all my WW friends do too.

New Recipe

I love that with WW, I am able to find new recipes to try out. I have tried a new tilipia recipe and it was great. Even Scott my husband enjoyed it. It is the following.

Servings: 6 servings • Total Time: 15 minutes • Points: 5 ww points


6 -6 oz tilapia filets
* 4 cloves garlic, crushed
* 2 tbsp butter
* 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
* 4 tsp fresh parsley
* salt and pepper
* cooking spray

Preheat oven to 400°.

Melt butter on a low flame in a small sauce pan. Add garlic and saute on low for about 1 minute. Add the lemon juice and shut off flame.

Spray the bottom of a baking dish lightly with cooking spray.

Place the fish on top and season with salt and pepper. Pour the lemon butter mixture on the fish and top with fresh parsley.

Bake at 400° until cooked, about 15 minutes.

6 oz tilapia = 4 pts
1 tsp butter = 1 pt

I got this recipe from Ginny's Skinny Blog. I would highly recommend this blog. She has awesome recipes. I hope to share more recipes and stories about weight loss.


I am not sure why I am frustrated. I didn't gain any weight. I am right under 12 pounds. I really thought I would of loss something, but oh well. No gain is better than a gain.

My frustration is on what I am eating that is causing me to be no loss. I know that this past week I did use more Smart One lunches and breakfasts. I guess I will cut that out some. I hope that is the problem. I love cooking but last week was extremely hard.

I have been working out a little more than usual. I did get up Thursday and Friday morning. I did 15 minute workout. I am trying to do the Rise and Shine Challenge on the WW site. I rested on Sat and probably tomorrow. I will go back to the challenge on Monday. I imagine you are suppose to be doing the challenge everyday.

I think my goal next week is to only have one diet soda. Friday I broke down and had 3. I will also work on eating more power foods. I am not sure what the power foods are but will try anything to change my eating habits.

Weigh in Missed

Well I was unable to go to weigh in on Saturday. Scott worked so I did not have anyone to watch my little darling. However I did weigh myself on the scale and it was a 2 pound loss. I am excited to see what the scale will say on Saturday. I hated missing, but I just couldn't get Donovan up that early to go to a weigh in.

I received my vegetables from Riverbottom Farms. They were actually great. Donovan is loving the grapes. I made salsa but realize what was missing. Cilantro. I will be ordering from them again. It will be next week.

I have been doing more activity than I have ever. Today we took Donovan to the park. We walked the track. Of course Donovan and I raced one another. Too bad my shorts were falling off my tush.

I wish the other ladies would keep a blog. I think it would help for them to journal what is going on with them. I think this has helped me out a lot. I am glad to have an outlet about eating. The blog is great. I wish I could do more daily blogging but right now it will have to be just once a week.

Monday before TOM

Why is TOM going to be my downfall this week? I know it is coming around the corner, but why does it have to effect my weight so much. I guess I will take the advice of some of the other WW members of the WW site. Double up on my water, watch my sodium intake. I hope that works. I will be really upset if I don't have a tenth of a pound weight loss.

I am wishing I were able to loss more than a pound or two, but I will take whatever I can get. I find it hard at times to lose weight. My husband seems to notice, but I really don't notice. It seems to be the same bulge at my stomach that I see.

I love my support system of friends who are going through the same thing I am. It makes it easier to do WW with people who are really in it to lose and not doing it for a time and then going away. I love the support and wouldn't change it for the world.

This week will be tough with TOM, but I think I will kick TOM to the curb and find that happy medium.

WW Weigh in

Well my weigh in was great. I loss zero and I gained zero. So I feel blessed that it was zero. I am happy that I have loss 10.4 and if I loss more great, if not then I will continue on this journey and find out what what I need to do just to stay healthy.

On this journey I have learned about my eating habits. They really weren't bad, it was just the way I did it. I might miss a meal and over indulge in one meal. I think that is very easy when you are super duper hungry. Also I can still have some of the foods I love but in moderation. The key there is moderation. One way I have been staying on track is drinking water. I can't remember the last time I drank this much water. I have cut down to one diet soda a day.

I can honestly say I am learning a lot of new things for the weekly meetings and the websites. I love the tips that are posted and love sharing them with my friends.

This week I expect to see inches go away. Now I know that won't show up on the scale, but the scale isn't where I am going to get my happiness from. It is the choices I make.

Saturday Weigh in

Well I should be happy, but am not. I went to my weigh in. I did lose weight, but I was hoping to break the 10 pound mark. Close but no cigar. I lost 1.2 lbs, and down to 155.4. I did reach the 5% of my weight goal. So I guess I should be celebrating.

I guess I am upset because I stayed away from the chocolate. Thanks to Anna. I found the Reese's cups on my shelf. Oh my word. The kids were driving me crazy at school and it was just so tempting. So Anna came by to do an intervention for me. I was so close to having the chocolate and peanut butter. Oh my word. I just can't describe how I wanted that peanut butter.

I did try a new recipe this week. A great one. It was Egg Drop Soup.

4 cups of reduced sodium chicken broth
3 tbsp. cornstarch
2 large eggs, lightly beaten
1 tsp. rice wine vinegar
1 1/3 c thawed frozen peas

1. Bring broth to a boil in a large saucepan over medium heat.
Whisk cornstarch and 1/4 cup cold water in a small cup until smooth;
whisk cornstarch mixture into brothe . Simmer until soup thickens
slightly, about 2 minutes .Reduce heat untile broth barely simmers. Slowly
drizzle eggs into soup while stirring quickly in circular motion. Cook for 1 minut and remove from heat. Stir in vinegar.

2. Meanwhile, heat peas according to package direction and divide evenly into 4
bowls. Ladle soup over peas.

This is 3 points plus per serving. You can add for garnish chopped fresh cilantro, and drizzle a little low sodium soy sauce.

I definitely recommend this soup. I am so glad I found it through a friends weight watchers cookbook.


I thought I would add recipes that I might try or have tried. Today's recipe is

Chinese Egg- Flower Soup

4 c. reduced sodium chicken broth
3 tbsp. cornstarch
2 large eggs, lightly beaten
1 tsp. rice wine vinegar
1 1/3 c. thawed frozen peas

Bring brothe to boil in large saucepan over medium
heat.Whisk cornstarch and 1/4 cup of cold water in
small cup until smooth; whisk cornstarch mixture into
broth. Simmer until soup thickens slightly, about 2
minutes. Reduce heat until broth barely simmers. Slowly
drizzle eggs into soup while stirring quickly in a
circular motion, cook 1 minute and remove from heat.
Stir in vinegar.
Meanwhile, heat peas according to package directions and divide
evenly among 4 bowls. Ladle soup over peas.

Weigh in on Saturday

I had my weigh in on Saturday. I feel good about my 1.6 pound loss. I have a total of 8 pounds lost. I am very excited. It is coming along, but at a healthy pace and I feel satisfied with eating my meals.

I tried a new recipe for apple sour cream coffeecake. AWESOME. I loved it. Tonight I need to make a cake for Anna's son. He loved it. I also am working on making my lunches for the week. I need to start planning a little better. I know tomorrow night have the boys game, so I need to pack a mini snack for the game. I really am doing my best to eat healthy and eat right.

I bought a new pair pants yesterday. They were a petite 12. I was so excited because they fit right. They were from the resale shop and all about that when it comes to cost. Until I get to where I want to be I will be buying resale clothes.

I will be tracking my steps with a pedometer. Today I did 3769 which equals one activity point. That is 1.48 miles. I will be tracking my miles. I will do it as if I was traveling a map. I will start in Houston and head to Dallas. We will see how long it will take me to do that many miles. Wish me luck.

Weigh in Day

Well today I weighed in. I only lost .4 lbs. I want to scream, but I knew with it being TOM it was most likely going to be a weight gain and not a loss. So I am actually happy I didn't have the gain. I will be drinking more water this week, since I read that doubling your water intake will help with weigh in next week.

I am noticing that when it is TOM I have some the worst headaches ever. I don't know what to do to get rid of the headaches except take excedrin.

Today I did buy a new scale. I bought the WW scale. I will see how that compares to my Biggest Loser scale. I have been weighing everything so that will be good, but I really like the fact that it will let me know my point value. I will try it out for lunch which should be right now.

I will see how the rest of my day goes. i do know that I am going out to dinner and drinks with my friends. I will definitely be paying attention to what I drink, etc.

Pretty Good Day

Well today has been a good day with points. I stayed way under. However, I think it is because I kept busy. I didn't sit on the couch and vegout on the couch.

I have been searching for low point snacks and desserts. Tonight as soon as I am done here I will make some Oatmeal Apple muffins. This is a 3 point snack. I think it would be great if this turned out pretty good. I will wait and see. The last treat I made tasted good, but looked like yuck.

I am trying to make sure I don't allow stress to help me find food. If I can just workout my stress and not let it bother me that I feel like I have to eat, I will be on the road of weight loss.

I really can't think right now, that I have no idea what I am writing. I guess it would be best to stop typing before I ramble any longer. It is back to work tomorrow, and I can't wait.

Hard Day

I found today to be the most challenging for me as to WW points. I guess because I was lazy, it was raining, and bored I wanted to eat more today. I went over my points by 3 which is not bad and I did receive one activity point for the day. I am still trying to figure out how the activity points transfer over to points in general.

I did not take a vitamin today and I feel very weary. I am not sure if that has anything to do with it, but I will be keeping tabs on the vitamin issue. I also wonder does vitamins contribute to gaining a little weight.

As for weight gain I did find out something interesting. I know that during your monthly cycle you do gain water weight. However from reading other post from WW people that if you double up on drinking water it helps with the water gain. Not sure how, but it does. Then I read that you can add a lemon to water you are drinking to help you out. I wish there was a way to know for sure. I will definitely double up on water if that is what will help. So I will be the guinea pig for this.

I hope tomorrow will be a better day. I think I need to start off good with a good breakfast to help me through the day.

I threw out a challenge to the WW group. A four week challenge. It is one I have done before but was not successful, so I want to do it again. It is a situp challenge. First week 25 situps. Second week 50 sit ups, Third week 75, and the last week 100. This is a toning and shaping challenge. I will find another challenge after we complete this. I hope this will help everyone start to tone up and shape thier body. You never know.

Well at least I am getting tired earlier due ot the diet and I have been sleeping great.

WW Journey

I started this last year, but deleted all my post. I want this to be the new me. I have decided my journey and hopefully others will do the same. This way others can leave comments on here. I am going to share what it feels like to be a short women in a obese body. That is what my BMI says anyway. Oh well. I might have a few inital to let you know what I think of the BMI.

I have been on WW's since January 3, 2011. I am thinking this is probably one of the best decisions I have made. I am taking control of my eating and my health. I have done WW before, but didn't take it very seriously. One reason might be is I was still in denial with my weight. I knew I was overweight, but assumed it would melt away. Ha ha ha! I started this journey at 164.6. The mid 160's. Yuck.

I am going to be celebrating this week with healthy and wise choices. I said good-bye to the 160's and hello to the 150's. I plan on not seeing 160 unless that is the amount of money someone gives me. LOL.

I hope with my group of WW friends, I will find the support I will need incase I have a bad day. It is nice to know that there are others going through your journey. I would love to hear how others are doing and how they keep their chins up on a bad trackers day.