WW Weigh in

Well my weigh in was great. I loss zero and I gained zero. So I feel blessed that it was zero. I am happy that I have loss 10.4 and if I loss more great, if not then I will continue on this journey and find out what what I need to do just to stay healthy.

On this journey I have learned about my eating habits. They really weren't bad, it was just the way I did it. I might miss a meal and over indulge in one meal. I think that is very easy when you are super duper hungry. Also I can still have some of the foods I love but in moderation. The key there is moderation. One way I have been staying on track is drinking water. I can't remember the last time I drank this much water. I have cut down to one diet soda a day.

I can honestly say I am learning a lot of new things for the weekly meetings and the websites. I love the tips that are posted and love sharing them with my friends.

This week I expect to see inches go away. Now I know that won't show up on the scale, but the scale isn't where I am going to get my happiness from. It is the choices I make.


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