Weigh in Missed

Well I was unable to go to weigh in on Saturday. Scott worked so I did not have anyone to watch my little darling. However I did weigh myself on the scale and it was a 2 pound loss. I am excited to see what the scale will say on Saturday. I hated missing, but I just couldn't get Donovan up that early to go to a weigh in.

I received my vegetables from Riverbottom Farms. They were actually great. Donovan is loving the grapes. I made salsa but realize what was missing. Cilantro. I will be ordering from them again. It will be next week.

I have been doing more activity than I have ever. Today we took Donovan to the park. We walked the track. Of course Donovan and I raced one another. Too bad my shorts were falling off my tush.

I wish the other ladies would keep a blog. I think it would help for them to journal what is going on with them. I think this has helped me out a lot. I am glad to have an outlet about eating. The blog is great. I wish I could do more daily blogging but right now it will have to be just once a week.


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