I am not sure why I am frustrated. I didn't gain any weight. I am right under 12 pounds. I really thought I would of loss something, but oh well. No gain is better than a gain.

My frustration is on what I am eating that is causing me to be no loss. I know that this past week I did use more Smart One lunches and breakfasts. I guess I will cut that out some. I hope that is the problem. I love cooking but last week was extremely hard.

I have been working out a little more than usual. I did get up Thursday and Friday morning. I did 15 minute workout. I am trying to do the Rise and Shine Challenge on the WW site. I rested on Sat and probably tomorrow. I will go back to the challenge on Monday. I imagine you are suppose to be doing the challenge everyday.

I think my goal next week is to only have one diet soda. Friday I broke down and had 3. I will also work on eating more power foods. I am not sure what the power foods are but will try anything to change my eating habits.


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