Weigh in...Yeah

Today was the big weigh in day. I was not sure about what the scale would say, but was hopefully. I know I have stayed within my points this week. I had a feeling that I lost at least a pound. However, when I was on the scale and heard that it was 3.2, I was ecstatic. I am so glad that I didn't give up hope on losing. I lost another 5 pounds to make it 15.8. I am only 1.4 pounds from 10% of my body weight. I won't get my hopes up on the 10%. I will be happy with any loss. If it takes two weeks for the 10% then be it, but I am going to be positive.

I have notice that taking the vitamins have really helped me out. I feel good when I take them. I think my body is readjusting to this. Now my next goal is to fit in more a physical workout. Right now with Tball, I think I can get some activity points there. I need to find something else. I really want to go back to Zumba. I think I will start back in a few weeks. I just need to see what my schedule is and how to fit it in.

I haven't measured myself with the tape measure yet. I will do that in the morning. I know I will see inches dwindling. I guess now I need to work on toning. My stomach is begging for it, but my mind is saying in a few minutes. Too bad a few minutes ends up being a lengthy vacation.

My goal this week is to stay positive and not stress.


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