Weigh in Day

Well today I weighed in. I only lost .4 lbs. I want to scream, but I knew with it being TOM it was most likely going to be a weight gain and not a loss. So I am actually happy I didn't have the gain. I will be drinking more water this week, since I read that doubling your water intake will help with weigh in next week.

I am noticing that when it is TOM I have some the worst headaches ever. I don't know what to do to get rid of the headaches except take excedrin.

Today I did buy a new scale. I bought the WW scale. I will see how that compares to my Biggest Loser scale. I have been weighing everything so that will be good, but I really like the fact that it will let me know my point value. I will try it out for lunch which should be right now.

I will see how the rest of my day goes. i do know that I am going out to dinner and drinks with my friends. I will definitely be paying attention to what I drink, etc.


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