Weigh in on Saturday

I had my weigh in on Saturday. I feel good about my 1.6 pound loss. I have a total of 8 pounds lost. I am very excited. It is coming along, but at a healthy pace and I feel satisfied with eating my meals.

I tried a new recipe for apple sour cream coffeecake. AWESOME. I loved it. Tonight I need to make a cake for Anna's son. He loved it. I also am working on making my lunches for the week. I need to start planning a little better. I know tomorrow night have the boys game, so I need to pack a mini snack for the game. I really am doing my best to eat healthy and eat right.

I bought a new pair pants yesterday. They were a petite 12. I was so excited because they fit right. They were from the resale shop and all about that when it comes to cost. Until I get to where I want to be I will be buying resale clothes.

I will be tracking my steps with a pedometer. Today I did 3769 which equals one activity point. That is 1.48 miles. I will be tracking my miles. I will do it as if I was traveling a map. I will start in Houston and head to Dallas. We will see how long it will take me to do that many miles. Wish me luck.


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