WW Journey

I started this last year, but deleted all my post. I want this to be the new me. I have decided my journey and hopefully others will do the same. This way others can leave comments on here. I am going to share what it feels like to be a short women in a obese body. That is what my BMI says anyway. Oh well. I might have a few inital to let you know what I think of the BMI.

I have been on WW's since January 3, 2011. I am thinking this is probably one of the best decisions I have made. I am taking control of my eating and my health. I have done WW before, but didn't take it very seriously. One reason might be is I was still in denial with my weight. I knew I was overweight, but assumed it would melt away. Ha ha ha! I started this journey at 164.6. The mid 160's. Yuck.

I am going to be celebrating this week with healthy and wise choices. I said good-bye to the 160's and hello to the 150's. I plan on not seeing 160 unless that is the amount of money someone gives me. LOL.

I hope with my group of WW friends, I will find the support I will need incase I have a bad day. It is nice to know that there are others going through your journey. I would love to hear how others are doing and how they keep their chins up on a bad trackers day.


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